Diabetes Mellitus

Are you extremely thirsty and hungry,
Frequently urinating and the vision is blurry?

Loosing weight like anything,
Tired as if pissed off of everything.

Go and consult to a doctor,
Get the report of your blood sugar.

You are may be suffering from diabetes,
You should abstain from the sugary eats.

It’s a chronic disease which causes high blood sugar
It should not remain untreated my dear

It’s all about pancreas of your body
Know about this disease thoroughly everybody

When the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin,
Which leads to raised glucose levels in the vein

This is a metabolic disease thus
which is called diabetes mallitus.

If remained untreated then causes various issues
This results in failure of the body’s organs and tissues.

This disease is of three types main
Know more about it and let me explain

The first type of this disease is type  one
In children and adolescents it’s very common.

Type 1 diabetes can affect people at any age
Though it is childhood, teenage or old age

People with type 1 diabetes need daily insulin.
To control their blood glucose levels they inject insulin

Having a family member with type 1 Diabetes. Slightly increases the risk of developing the disease.

At present, type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented
But one day we will have supplements for this diseases to feel contented.

The another type of diabetes is type two
Most common in adults but due to poor diet this occurs in children and younger too

To control type two diabetes
You need a healthy diet and more physical activities

To control blood glucose levels in your body
Oral medication and insulin are prescribed frequently.

The third type is Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
This happens in pregnancy so please focus

If this remains untreated, it affects the baby and the mother
The treatment is required even after delivery further.

These all types of diabetes are very severe
You need to be careful. Please make it clear.