What would you like to donate amidst this COVID19 Pandemic?

Late yet an important message I have brought for all of you. Novel Corona Virus Disease on its peak, spreading all around as if an air blows with its fullest strength. We need to be more alert in order to save ourselves and others as we. Take precautions when you go out and when you are home.

Ramadan fell amid this COVID19. Muslims fast, pray and give charity to please Allah specially in this holy month. This is not only for the Muslims I am talking about but for those as well who are good hearted and give something to the needy to help them. Also for those who think about their good deeds to please the Almighty. But it’s important to know what should you donate nowadays that can help the needy and the government as well. Many people lost their jobs and have become unemployed. The businesses are closed down. Autos, Lorry, street food, taxis etc were the ways of the poor people to earn money for their livelihood, they all the closed down to safeguard the people from this disease. The economy of the country is collapsed badly. We need to help each other in this critical situation.

What should you donate? 

  1. Give money 

Absolutely, money is the best form of charity. From this they can buy something which they don’t have and really needful for their livelihood. 

  1. Ration

Food is the primary in all basic needs. You can give them ration if you really want to help them to fight with this critical situation. 

  1. Safety kit: mask and a liquid hand wash

Such a precious giveaways. Nowadays these are very important to have all these to protect yourself when you go out. 

  1. Clothes

Do you know what is the best sacrifice to please the Almighty? You giveaway the thing you love the most. You donate a pair of suit which you love the most. I am not saying that you donate that. It’s up to you can donate the clothes which are in good conditions, wearable. 

  1. Your precious time

It takes a very little moment to to pray for everyone, provided you pray from your heart. Take some leisure time to pray for yourself and all of us as well. Pray for everyone to please the Almighty so that He listens to you first. This act will be included in your good deeds. 

It’s important to see what is your state of mind nowadays in this critical condition of the country. Remember always no crisis can destroy you, rather you can destroy that strong negative moment in order to move ahead with a very positive attitude. Take care

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