Letter to Time!

Bits of a moment I lived so far! Every inch of my life I did feel bizarre  My eloquent heart is in silent mode. Anguish well-concealed in my heart but explodes. Nevertheless smiling and ecstatic faces. I see the renaissance of bliss through distances. All along with my yesteryear, I recall! All along I grieve […]

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Are you extremely thirsty and hungry,Frequently urinating and the vision is blurry? Loosing weight like anything,Tired as if pissed off of everything. Go and consult to a doctor,Get the report of your blood sugar. You are may be suffering from diabetes,You should abstain from the sugary eats. It’s a chronic disease which causes high blood


Move on!

Being a good human is an art of living.  Live your life being good and forgiving.  It’s easy to say and hard to practice.  But you make it possible with all your tactics.  Pain and grief are the part and the parcel of life.  Always choose to move on without any strife.  Be so loving

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Be happy!

Be grateful! Be ecstatic! Life will be joyful and fantastic. Grief and happiness all are the life’s part. Feel the contentment by touching your heart. Glad tidings will be sent by the Almighty. Only happiness and no more melancholy. Sorrow, distress and annoyance. Let them go by keeping patience. These are all the games of

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Wise Decision

Wearing my black rob and a grey scarf with, I left from home and stood underneath.  Thinking all the time, what should I do?  This is what, actually I wanted to do? I reached in grassland walking a mile,  Then to see the beauty of nature, I stopped for a while. Cold wind blew and

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