Letter to Time!

Image by Myriams-Fotos on pixabay

Bits of a moment I lived so far!

Every inch of my life I did feel bizarre 

My eloquent heart is in silent mode.

Anguish well-concealed in my heart but explodes.

Nevertheless smiling and ecstatic faces.

I see the renaissance of bliss through distances.

All along with my yesteryear, I recall!

All along I grieve for not reliving being a kid small.

If I get a single moment of my past,

I would go back to repair something quickly so fast.

Every time when I was vulnerably grieving.

The moment was a mountain, grievous retrieving!

You made me cry for something I lost!

You made me feeble falling with the exhaust!

You are an infinite treasure previous.

Agony in felicity, felicity in agony, mysterious!

Endless suffering for an endurer!

Endless bliss for an enticer!

You confer and steal my peace.

I’m sometimes panic and not able to release.

For every endearing second of my life,

I slept awake and woke up sleeping, it’s rife!

Every moment I grow old though experience it consists!

You’re quicker than the slippery sand in my fists.

You’re invincible! You are the strong wind!

You’re so magical to make me cry if I sinned!

I adored my solitude to be fierce and fearless!

Retrieving the solitude peace that was solicited aimless!

I have no love for something anymore.

I only love my time and would love to adore!

by Saba Rahaman

2 thoughts on “Letter to Time!”

  1. Yashashree Kulkarni

    Saba, you are incredible…… I am happy that you are on friends ‘ list. Stay blessed always 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    1. Saba Rahman

      Thank you so much for making time to read and respond so sweetly. It means a lot! Such an inspirational response! Lots of love!

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