Wise Decision

Wearing my black rob and a grey scarf with,

I left from home and stood underneath. 

Thinking all the time, what should I do? 

This is what, actually I wanted to do?

I reached in grassland walking a mile, 

Then to see the beauty of nature,

I stopped for a while.

Cold wind blew and flowers began to shiver, 

Blooming buds I saw, on the bank river.

I stepped ahead to satisfy my curiosity. 

There I saw two boats about to leave for the destinations, in velocity.

The destinations of the boats were in different directions.

I was quizzed and in dilemma for my selections.

It wasn’t possible to board in both the boats,

So decided according to my priority and boarded one the boats. 

In your life many times you are in such circumstances,  

How do you deal with, to get the best chances? 

It’s a wise decision that should be taken wisely, 

Or you may fall into the river boarding on the two boats foolishly. 

I got the answer for what I was thinking ceaselessly. 

Then I decided to prioritise my goals smartly.